13 April 2017
You’ve been learning about the wonders of pure linen bedding for some time and you’ve finally made your investment … but it doesn’t stop there.

Caring for this divine, long-lasting material is super-easy but essential to know. Discover everything about pure linen and how to treat it with every inch of love.

Linen – what exactly is it?

Linen is a fabric woven from the fibres of a flax plant. Flax is an interesting and less-known crop used in various ways, such as producing oil, linen fabric, food and more. The species grown specifically for linen production is known as Linum usitatissimum, which translates from Latin as “the most useful kind of flax”.

Flax that produces linen fabric has a short-growing cycle of only 100 days. In this time, the plant grows into long stems, blooming into a flower for one day only.

Following this day, the flax plant is uprooted and stacked into hedges to dry while the seeds are removed.

Finally the plant is exposed to moisture, stripping, combing, spinning, weaving, bleaching and dying – an exhaustive process with a phenomenal result.

The many benefits of pure linen

For those more familiar with sleeping in cotton sateen or cotton percale, both of which have a silkier feel, pure linen can certainly take some time getting accustomed to initially.

Newly purchased linen usually feels coarse but the more it’s used and laundered, the softer and sturdier it becomes.

What’s more? Pure linen bedding:
  • Is super-crisp, clean and oh-so-comfortable.
  • Absorbs up to 20% of its weight in moisture before becoming damp (ideal for hot climates and sleepers).
  • Releases moisture faster than any other fabric, which in turn keeps you cool and dry.
  • Is non-allergenic as it uses considerably less pesticides and fertilisers than other crops.
  • It’s recyclable and biodegradable.
  • Looks incredibly chic with that lived-in, effortless style we all lust after.
  • Needs little to no ironing – the creases and the natural drape add to its rustic appeal.

How to care for your pure linen

  • To keep your linen in exceptional condition (and for as long as possible), we recommend washing it on a gentle cold wash and ensuring it is line-dried.
  • Never tumble. Why? The heat from tumble-drying may cause the yarns to break and there goes your finest bedding. Although linen is robust, it should last for years and years. Be kind to it so that it can stick around for the long-haul.
  • Like all new bed linen, ensure you wash it before your first use.
  • Separate light and dark colours. If you have purchased a quilt cover, turn it inside-out.
  • Should you spill something on it, breathe first and find comfort in knowing it’s acceptable to use generic stain removers before laundering.
  • Never use bleach on linen – it will weaken the fibres and affect any colour-dying.
  • Lastly, never soak or dry clean.

Raw yet defined – pure linen will be the finest investment you’ll ever make. Try to resist our stunning collection of pure linen bedding here – we dare you.

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