Our pillows are ultra-fresh treated for antibacterial protection to assist in reducing allergens and toxins and come in various weights and fibre options to optimise your sleep.

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If you're like most people, you spend 6-8 hours a night with your head on your pillow. That's over 50 hours a week! With that in mind, don't you think that it’s worth going through the trouble of selecting one that’s right for you?

Everyone has their own sleeping style; whether it's on your side, back or a bit of both. Choosing the right pillow can often come down to this as the height of the pillow plays an important role depending on your chosen sleep style. Those who sleep on their side will need higher pillows like memory or latex while back sleepers or those that swap are best with soft polyester or feather pillows.

Pillows come in all different shapes and styles. The most common being the regular size pillow measuring 48cm x 73cm. This is universal and is the size that most pillowcases come in. Other sizes include the Queen (54cm x 80cm) and the kids size which is the same dimensions as the regular but is softer.

To assist with sitting up in bed or even just give you something extra to snuggle into at night, the U-shaped pillow is a great option. While the 65cm x 65cm European pillow is a more conventional square shape that offers all those advantages with a larger range of pillowcase options.