Our quilts are ultra-fresh treated for antibacterial protection to assist in reducing allergens and toxins and come in various weights and fibre options to optimise your sleep.

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Exceed™ Bedding Quilt - 380GSM

FROM $ 139.95

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Soft Touch Bedding Quilt - 250GSM

FROM $ 79.95

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Exceed™ Bedding - Cot Quilt - 160GSM

$ 59.95


Linen House offers fine quilts to fit inside your quilt cover sets. Also called duvets or doonas, we offer a product called Exceed. The Exceed properties feature an Ultra Fresh treatment that provides antibacterial protection contained in the softest hypoallergenic filling. This treatment is effective in repelling asthma triggers, such as dust mites and allergens. The Exceed filling is designed to retain its shape providing you with more warmth without the weight of older-style ultra heavy quilts, and is machine washable for easy care.

The quilts here at Linen House can be used all year-round to keep you warm at night. In addition, the All-Season style consists of a double quilt, allowing you to unsnap and remove one part for when the season warms up. When it gets cooler again, snap on the additional quilt. By using a quilt you can add variety to your bedroom décor by simply purchasing a new quilt cover for the season or switch between quilt covers you’ve already purchased from Linen House. You’ll enjoy versatility and variety in your home whenever you like, all with the finest quilts on the market.